Beer: A Mild History Lesson

So what is beer? Many people have different values and expectations of the beverage. For instance, an experienced beer snob who ruins a good time at a bar talking about the science of the brew to your local frat boy who has only ever consumed Budweiser and Keystone in copious amounts. Let’s find the middle ground. From Pale ales to Saisons, there is a beer to please any palate. 

Personally, I like to compare beer to wine as a way to simply explain it to friends and readers. A lot of people see actors drinking wine in movies or being drank by the more wealthy individuals, who have $4,000 to spend on a bottle of 2005 Château Pétrus.

Let’s be honest, most people can not afford expensive wines but the fact is you don’t have to buy expensive wine to enjoy it. With wine, there are many different types based on the grapes, grape-growing locations, and the actual fermentation process.  This same process applies to beer! Now don’t let my comparison make you fearful, a cold brew still remains supreme

Beer in its simplest definition is any alcoholic beverage made by the fermentation of grain. The beauty, much like wine, is what ingredients are used and the processes which are used to create a vast array of beers. For example, in the colonial times of America, in lieu of hops, pine needles and molasses were used in the brewing process. 

Brewing and fermentation date back thousands of years and was most likely an accident on par with how penicillin was created. But man oh man, what a beautiful accident. So beautiful in fact that there are very diverse ways of drinking it! Beer, and more specifically craft beer, has become a huge subculture and is applicable all over the world. People take what they can, invent new flavors, or happily fumble to accidently create something delicious!

So, in the near future, look forward to seeing some of these beers and breweries!





Dogfish Head’s “Midas Touch Ancient Ale” featuring Momo the cat



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